From the start of planning the first Shoot for Riot (Drop 1). I realize that this was becoming so much more than a fun clothing brand. I realized that we were creating an outlet for artists to express themselves. To explore interests that they had, but never gotten the opportunity to explore. These interests were; Makeup Artist, Hairdresser, Creative Director, and Stylist. 

      Behind that shoot was a vision board that all of the artists collaborated on. The board literally came to life in front of the camera. This set the bar for every other photoshoot after. It is important to me that the brand continues to nurture artistic growth. 

      So now, we wanted to create a place filled with inspiration and insight. Tell stories about artists that inspire us, and share stories of  CREATORS who are just like us. We will continue to expand on the site, and keep you up to date on all new clothing.  I hope you enjoy!

Best, Sam